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Junior cook




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Service Team


WiFi Kitchen and Chef Wilson offer working environments of the utmost professionalism where we always strive for excellence. We believe that motivated employees make for satisfied guests, which is why WiFi Kitchen is highly focused on developing our team member's culinary, service and management skills. We pride ourselves on offering career advancement opportunities, and competitive compensation and benefits.

As a reflection of WiFi Kitchen culture of excellence, ours is a working environment founded on respect, on cultivating opportunities for growth and supporting personal goals. We are proud of the significant number of employees who have remained with us over the long term. Please click the PDF icon above and fill up our application form, don't forget mail back to us, we will contact you as soon as we can. Hopefully can work with u soon.

無限煮意和我們的總廚Wilson提供了卓越的及最專業的工作環境。 我們相信有賴著積極性的員工能讓客人滿意,這就是無限煮意高度專注於發展團隊成員的烹飪技術,服務和管理技能的動力。 我們能夠為著提供優厚的薪酬和福利、職業發展機會和市場競爭力感到自豪。
作為無限煮意文化卓越的體現,我們是建立於尊重,培育增長機會和支持個人目標的工作環境。 我們為長期留在我們身邊的大量員工感到驕傲。如有興趣加入我們的團隊 請點擊上面的PDF圖標,填寫我們的申請表,不要忘記電郵寄給我們,我們會盡快與您聯繫。 希望有機會能和你一起工作。

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