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WiFi Connected Story


Fiona Sou, Senior Executive of Productions in the Entertainment Team, joined Galaxy Macau in 2011 when she was assigned to work on the entertainment duties of China Rouge before its Grand Opening. It was then that she met the China Rouge Team, and one person in particular, the team's Operation Manager Wilson. 


Preparing for the Grand Opening of a luxurious club is no easy job, which was why Wilson only succeeded in catching the eyes of Fiona after the opening. "I started noticing this 'all time serious guy' popping up out of nowhere from time to time asking me to go for a dinner or a movie to celebrate the Grand Opening," Fiona recalled. "But then he would just disappear before the conversation is done." So it was after several surprised popping up and casual mentioning of the "celebration" that Wilson and Fiona finally started going out. On 13 September 2012, with the help of the Red Moon Band, the Technical Team, the Creative Media Team and the China Rouge Team, Wilson invited Fiona to China Rouge for a big surprise. 


Fiona was asked to go on stage not knowing what was happening. It was seeing her parents sitting in the audience that raised her suspicion. Then as the music started, Wilson came out from backstage with flowers in his hand. Tears were already running down Fiona's cheeks as Wilson got down on one knee, and in the witness of everyone in the venue, asked Fiona to marry him. To the couple, it was probably one of the greatest shows in China Rouge, which ended up with champagne, congratulations, and many happy tears. 

The two lovebirds married in December 2013 and will be having their wedding party at the Oasis Restaurant in Galaxy Macau.


Wifi Connected Website founded by Wilson and Fiona at 2013 after their marriaged.

It all began one Happy day in Macau....
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