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About Fi

Fiona Sou, Manager of Productions in the Entertainment Team, joined Galaxy Macau in 2011 when she was assigned to work on the entertainment duties of China Rouge before its Grand Opening. It was then that she met Wilson Chu, they founded Wifi Connected since 2012 when they went to Okinawa Japan and created the logo for their wedding event at 2013. 


Fiona has had more then 15 event productions operation experience, Fiona also was worked at The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel of the Administrator to Executive Vice President of International Marketing and Administrator (Construction)


Fiona doesn’t need makeup to be attractive, she doesn’t need to wear low-cut tops or miniskirts to look great. She attracts people with her personality, always cheerful, faithful and loyal, friendly and a good friend. She always has good advice to solve her friends’ problems, and she feels these problems as if they were her own. She’s won the title of best friend, although some of them have left her disappointed. Her happiness doesn’t depend on others, but on herself. She is a free woman, at times she needs her space and other times she needs affection. She loves to be alone, put on loud music and block out reality for a moment, but always with her feet on the ground, despite wanting to go to the moon sometimes, but she loves her family and circle of friends and would never leave them alone.


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