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About Wi

Wilson Chu has been founder of the company since November 2014, he is also the Food and Beverage Consulting Director, Wilson arriving Macau in March 2011, was instrumental to the success of the development, opening and operation of Galaxy Macau China Rouge private member Club and The Ritz Carlton Macau - Lai Heen Chinese Fine Dining Restaurant, before Wifi Connected registrated in Macau, Wilson and Fiona has used WiFi Connected for their wedding event name and created the logo since 2013.


Wilson enjoys being a chef because he believes his cuisine can tell you his story.  Wilson interest in the culinary industry blossomed as a teenager when he took an after school job at KFC in Hong Kong, After graduating from high school, he tried few different jobs, 1998 he got an opportunity jump in a Top 5 restaurant in Hong Kong Tables 88 as a Junior Chef at Cold Kitchen, first touch French Fine Dining, Wilson follows his heart towards a career in the restaurant industry in both the chef de parties, front of the house, bartender, assistant manager, wine sommelier,  2002 got invited to the USA as an executive sous chef at Feng Shui  Chinese and French fusion restaurant and also got the CERTIFICAT DE CUISINE DE BASE DE L’ECOLE LE CORDON BLEU when he travels in the UK. 2015 join a French Chef association "Disciples Escoffier International Asia", 2017 attend the DEI President Chef Black Box Battle at RBHK, 2018 promo be a Vice President in Macau Delegation and open his own French Restaurant WiFi Kitchen in Macau.

Wilson was also a member of Chaine des Rotisseurs, and Court of Master Sommelier, having worked in Food and Beverage industry veteran more than  15 years, Wilson internationally for his extensive knowledge of Food and Beverage operation, management, and marketing, also culinary. 2021 September has had an incredible journey to where he is now. He is fully deserving of the title World Master Chef of International Cuisine.


Wilson always does what he says he will do even if he has to face a sea of problems, he prefers to face conflicts head-on. He's able to say the things, that bother him to your face, he doesn't hold back what he's thinking although sometimes this can cause a problem for him. He is a fighter in battle, he learns from his defeats and enjoys his victories. He is a persistent warrior, who knows he won’t always win, but he is brave enough to return to battle always without fear, because he knows that perseverance will lead to victory someday, no matter what it takes. He has set point, and he is capable even surrounded by people who don’t believe in his convictions because he knows they are just trying to hold him back.


He always acts with wisdom, he doesn’t make decisions before he has weighed the pros and cons. This leads him to always make the best decisions in his life. He is a trustworthy person, he knows to value people for who they are, not what they have. He doesn’t care if he has to walk in through the rain, he knows that when the storm is over the sun always comes out.


Wilson Motto:


Use a negative mind, produce a positive outcome.


You know a person by how they treat you when they don't need you.

Wilson Food Blog:

If you want to Know what Wilson cooked, where and what he like to dine.

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