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Kids Cooking Workshop 11

Coming Saturday Kids cooking Workshop:

工作坊簡介:嘗試與孩子們一起製作香草醃鮭魚,快登記與你們的孩子們去參加這個有趣的動手課程,年齡在6-12歲之間。我們將在兩個小時內向他們展示如何製作香草醃鮭魚。另外,他們還會練習使用工具的技能,食譜和測量以及最重要的是基本的廚房安全。 你能感覺到:偉大的烹飪不是關於食譜,而是關於技巧。在我們的工作坊中,您將與其他學生一起,在由專業廚師指導員領導的有趣的實踐環境中共同工作。 。除非上面另有說明,否則工作坊只適用於6歲及以上的學生,並持續2至2個半小時 。將與1位家長玩得開心 。體驗課只限8名學生 。你會站在指導廚師前,烹飪和為大多數的參與學員一起制作 。請穿上舒適的閉合鞋頭,並綁好長髮。我們將提供一件圍裙 。您將享受您制作的食物的味道 無限煮意食譜開發使用普通的烹飪和烘焙配料,可能會或可能不會在菜單標題中指定,包括各種水果和蔬菜,堅果,肉類,香料,小麥麵粉等。如果您有食物過敏,請檢查我們在參加烹飪講習班之前。期間不能調整配方。 第一場體驗課特別優惠MOP400.00一位兒童+一位家長,包括食材和工具,我們也將為所有參與者提供下午茶。 官方網頁: 谷歌報名: 微信報名: Workshop Description: Let try to make Gravlax with your kids, sign your kids up for this fun hands-on class for ages 6 - 12. We'll show them in two hours how to made Gravlax that will have you wishing you had more leftovers. Plus, they'll gain confidence in the kitchen practicing tools skills, learning about recipes and measuring and, most importantly, basic kitchen safety. What you can feel: Great cooking isn't about recipes—it's about techniques. In our workshops, you'll work together with other students in a fun, hands-on environment led by our professional chef instructors. . Workshops are for students 6 and older and run for 2 to 2 1/2 hours, unless otherwise noted above . will have fun with 1 parent . Hands-on classes are limited to 8 students . You will be standing, cooking and working for most of the class . Please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and have long hair tied back. We will provide a apron . You will enjoy a generous taste of your food WiFi Kitchen recipes are developed using common cooking and baking ingredients that may or may not be specified in the menu titles, including various fruits and vegetables, nuts, meats, spices, wheat flours, etc. If you have a food allergy, please check with us before attending the cooking workshop. Adjustments to recipes cannot be made during workshop. Special offer for our First Workshop MOP400.00 one kids + one parent, included ingredients and tools, also we will serve the afternoon tea for all attendees. Register: please copy link below and fill in the form, we will contact you shortly for confirmation. Website: gmail register: wechat register: Organizer: Cooking Workshop Schedule Cooking Workshop Schedule Creator: Created by: WiFi KitchenCreated by: WiFi Kitchen

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