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WiFi Kitchen



WiFi Kitchen is a food and beverage culture sharing café and from the French cuisine as the basis thus evolving Fusion cuisine mixed Japanese, Thai, and Chinese. WiFi Kitchen had 2 meaning:

1.     Wine and Fine Food

2.     Our Owners name the first letter Wilson and Fiona


無限煮意是一間與饗饕分享餐飲文化,並以法國料理為基礎,加入了中國 、越南、泰國、日本等元素從而演變出混合料理的咖啡店。

英文名字WiFi Kitchen的由來 有兩個:

1.     餐酒與佳餚

2.     開辦伙伴們英文名字的首兩個英文字母

About WiFi Kitchen 關於無限煮意

WiFi Kitchen
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